Information Security

Royce can help you with all facets of security whether you are looking to complete a risk assessment or stand up a security architecture we are here to help.  IT security can be a daunting task we can make it easy and painless.  Let us help you figure out what is needed to help secure your organization from global threats and meet your industries regulations.  We are well versed in all governmental regulations including HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, and many more.


All companies need to have the risk of the organization assessed.  We apply common methodologies so we can get consistent and measurable results.  Some of the frameworks we like to employ are NIST SP-800, COBIT, HITRUST CSF, ISO 27002, and COSO.


Are the security tools that you have deployed working properly?  Is the staff using the tools they way they should be?  Let us work with your security staff to make sure they are doing the right things in regards to security.


Don’t just assume the code you have running on your systems is secure let us review it to verify it is not only functional but secure.


Do you think your security staff is doing a good job and you can’t be breeched.  Lets put them to the test and see how secure the systems are.  With your leaderships by in and involvement we will test the security of your system and help you identify potential weak spots in your security.


Is your staff trained to not give out information over the phone?  Do you think they would click links sent by hackers to breach your system?  Let us do a real world, non-intrusive test to see how your team reacts to social engineering threats.


Do you have a mobile policy?  Are all of your mobile devices in compliance?  Do you have sensitive data on your mobile devices?  Let us review your mobile strategy to determine the risk the mobile devices are posing to your organization.


Are your firewalls “firewalling”?  Let us review the external footprint of your oganization to make sure you are blocking what needs to be blocked and have the right controls in place to protect your organization from external attack.


Is your company like an piece of candy?  Hard cruching shell with a soft guey middle?  If so lets us help you set up some internal controls and tools to make the crown jewels of the organization harder to steal.


Do you have an incident response plan in place?  Do you follow it?  Let us run your yearly incident response test and provide you with some expertise to help you in a real world incident.


Do you have open WIFI networks?  Do you still use WEP?  Do you have employees, vendors, and customers sticking up rogue access points?  Let us do a wireless assessment to see what your wireless risk is the orgainization.


How easy would it be to sneak into your office and steal the work you have been working on for years?  Are you leaving critical data and information exposed?  Let us do a checkup for you to make sure you aren’t leaving anything to chance.


Does putting your data in the cloud scare you?  It should.  Let us help you find unique ways to secure your data in the cloud.  We can help you get your cost savings as well as security.


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